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The Harlingen Walk Of Fame
The Walk of Fame is a celebration of the citizens of Harlingen, their life achievements, significant civic contributions and their impact on our community. The Harlingen Walk of Fame was unveiled April 15, 2010 as part of the Harlingen Centennial Celebration and is permanently displayed at the Harlingen Municipal Auditorium in Fair Park.   Each year new inductees will be inscribed on the Walk of Fame. By January 1st of each year, consider nominating a man or woman, past or present, who has made significant contributions to Harlingen.  Please complete the application online here, or secure one from any member of the Rotary Club of Harlingen.  The Walk of Fame was the Rotary Club of Harlingen’s Gift to the City to celebrate Harlingen’s Centennial Year, 2010.
Migdalia Lopez, Judge, Texas District Court
Harlingen Walk of Fame
Sam Alexander, City Leader
David E. Allex, Harlingen Chamber Executive
E. W. Anglin, First City Marshall
Bill Aston, Paramedic & Community Leader
Lillian W. Baldridge, Teacher & Historian
Bob Binney, Volunteer
Don Bodenhamer, Business & Industry Leader
Frank N. Boggus, Business & Philanthropist
J. Lewis Boggus, Business & Industry
Donna Bonner, First Female City Commissioner
Anita Boswell, Executive Vice President/CAO, First Community Bank
Chris Boswell, City Commissioner and Mayor
E. C. Breedlove, Jr. Banking
Dianne Brumley, South Texas Chorale Founder
Mary Elizabeth Holdsworth Butt, Philanthropist, Community Leader
Gloria G. Canales, Folkloric School of Dance Founder
Dr. Abraham P. Cano, Physician
Blas Cantu, Jr., Social Work & Community Leader
H. William Card, Jr., Business & Former Mayor
Dr. Arturo Cavazos, Advocate for Youth, Community Leader
Gloria Chavez Casas, Community Volunteer
A.B. Chapa, First Hispanic City Commissioner
Manuel C. Chavez, Advocate for Youth
Melchor Chavez, Attorney & Former State Representative
Helen Christensen, Poet Laureate
Glen “Dock” Cleckler, Veteran & Principal
James Robert Cocke, Business & City Leader
William Hill Cocke, Business Leader
Ray Cocozza, Mr. Rotary & Community Fundraiser
Al Coneway, Attorney & Community Leader
M. H. Connelly, Teacher, Superintendent & Business
Stanley B. Crockett, Jr., Valley Agriculture Leader
Stanley B. Crockett, Sr., Citrus Industry & Community Leader
N. A. Davidson, M.D., Prominent Surgeon
Leon Day, Day’s Drugstore Founder
Conrado de la Garza, Former Mayor & Int’l Director Lions
Louis Joseph DeLellis, Community Leader
Juan Antonio Dieck, M.D., Established Su Clinica Familiar
Dial Dunkin, Banker & Business Leader
Matilde R. Elizalde, Community Service
Ruth Ewers, Community Service
Robert G. Farris, Business Leader
Robert R. Farris, Business Leader, Philanthropist, City Commissioner
Charles B. Feldman, Business & Community Leader
Frank Ferree, Border Angel
Dr. Stanley Fisch, MD., Pediatrician & Community Leader
Gerry Fleuriet Teacher, Trustee & Community Leader
Owen “Ronie” Flinn, Veteran & Business Leader
Gerald Gathright, Boys & Girls Club
Gordon E. Gathright, Educator & Principal
Raul Gonzalez, City and Community Champion
Matt Gorges, Business Leader & Philanthropist
Patty Crandall Gorges, Activist & Volunteer
Nancy Gray, Educator with Harlingen Housing Authority
Craig Grover, Businessman & Veteran
Antoinette Moss Harkrider, Educator & Artist
Lon C. Hill, Founder of Harlingen
Glenn Hill, Col USMC Marine Military Academy Superintendent
Alejandro Hinojosa, Sr. Businessman
John Hollingsworth, Air Force Veteran, Business and Community Leader
Frances Elaine Hury, United Way Director
Genaro Ibarra, Advocate for Less Fortunate
Alan Johnson, Business Leader & Community Activist
Meg Jorn, Architect, Business & Community Leader
Mal Kasanoff, Media Industry
Arthur Klein, Attorney, Judge & Child Advocate
Rollins Koppel Attorney, Banker & Philanthropist
Annie Lamm, M.D. First Practicing Female Physician
Heinrich Lamm, M.D. Physician, Inventor of Medical Equip.
Lillian McInnis Lamon, Educator, Banker, Community Leader
J. Gilbert Leal, Ph.D. Former President of TSTC
Ben Levine, Business Leader
Lewis Levine, Business & City Leader
Martha Susan Lewis, Public Health Nurse
Jo Liston, Business & Girl Scouts
R. W. Liston, Business, Community & Boy Scouts
Elaine Lockhart, Community Volunteer
Nat Lopez, Business & Hispanic Chamber
Sam Lozano, Former Mayor, Education & City Leader
Janet Magee, Founder of Blue Sunday an International non profit for abused children
Salomon Maldonado, Business & Industry Leader
Benigno Martinez, Business & Community Leader
Tom Mason, Business & Community Leader
Eleanor O. Matz, Community Volunteer
James R. Matz, City Leader & Environmental Causes
Bill McBride, Business & Community Leader
Gene F. McCullough, Former Mayor & Attorney
Graham McCullough, Veteran & Attorney
Verna Jackson McKenna, Librarian & Historian
Ken MacPherson, Business Leader
George McShan, School Board Trustee & Community Leader
Lee H. Means, Educator, Principal & Volunteer
Cesar Morales, Educator
Leofredo Muniz, M.D. Physician & Humanitarian
Petra Muniz, Midwife
Robert A. Murphy, Choir Leader & Gifted Baritone
Betty Nosler Murray, Community Leader & Historian
Menton J. Murray, State Representative
Vera V. Naumann, Harlingen Family Emergency Assoc.
Harry Nigro, Youth Advocate & Fundraiser
J. Gordon Nix, Educator
William T. Peacock, Jr., Business & Community Leader
Frank Peña, Community Leader
Charlie Perez, TSTC Dean & Community Leader
Dr. Nolan Perez, Physician & Community Leader
George H. Pletcher, Horticulturalist & City Commissioner
Ernest Poteet, Ph.D. Superintendent of Schools
J. Mike Powers, Banker & Community Leader
Kathy Preddy, Community Leader
Arthur Purdy, Postmaster
Vance Delone Raimond, Business Leader & Philanthropist
Hugh Ramsey, Former Mayor
Bill Reagan, Community Leader
Lee H. Richards, Jr. Business Leader
Jesse Robles, Community Leader
Hesiquio Rodriguez, M.D., Physician & Advocate for Equal Rights
J. J. “Chuey” Rodriguez, Veteran, Business & Community Leader
Norman Rozeff, Harlingen Centennial Committee
Connie Salas, Community Service
Juan Salas, Community Service
Robert “Bob” W. Shepard, Insurance & State Education Leader
Norma Shultz, M.D. Physician & School Board President
Sam R. Sparks, Farmer & Philanthropist
Antonio “Tony” Solis, Media Industry
Ed Tamayo, Banker & Community Leader
Edna Tamayo, Educator & Advocate for Youth
Alan Y. Taniguchi, Architect
McHenry Tichenor, Sr. Media Industry
Mary “Cookie” Tisdale, Library Advocate
George Toland, M.D., Physician
June Lee Toland, Nurse & Community Volunteer
Darlene Lightsey Topp, Disabilities Advocate & Volunteer
John Topp, Business & Community Leader, Political Leadership
Mary O. Torres, Community Leader
Perry Vaughn, Community Leader
Filemon Vela, Judge & Community Leader
Manny Vela, VP & Chief Operating Officer at Texas A&M’s Higher Education Center 
Moises Vicente Vela, Attorney, Judge & Community Leader
Julia Vernon, Librarian & Historian
Dr. Juan D. Villarreal, Dentist, Community Leader
John A. Welty, M.D., Physician & Founder of VBMC
R. K. Whittington, Attorney & Former Mayor
L. Nathan Winters, Banker & Community Leader
Herman Wise, Veteran, Business & City Commissioner
Janice Wyrick, Business & Community Leader, Founder of the RGV Birding Festival
John York, Architect
George Young, Former Mayor
Verna K. Young, Educator, Principal & Board Trustee
Robert “Bob” Youker, Former Mayor & Chamber President