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With nothing of serious matter to report, I just wanted to update our web site, and let you know the Rotary Club of Harlingen is still alive and well, and practicing social distancing as directed by our local and national officials.
Our meetings remain canceled, and officially, this COVID-19 business stinks!!
If you think you have COVID-19 immediately self-isolate within your home and call your doctor for next steps.  If you have flu-like symptoms and exposure to COVID-19, you should still self-isolate and call your doctor.  Please do not go to the Emergency Room to get tested without first checking-in with your doctor.  This will quickly overwhelm the ER, and expose other people unnecessarily.
Practice social distancing.  Don't leave your house unless you need to.  Wash your hands often.  Keep 6 feet between you and other folks.  etc..
Keep in mind that a headline does not equal an absolute fact - We all know this, but it is easy to get roped into the drama.  When you read a headline or article that is scary, try to find how it may be using hyperbole to draw you in.  We need to take this seriously while keeping our brain about us.
If you have a need that the club can help with, feel free to get on ClubRunner to look up people's contact info up and reach out.  You can also text, email, or call me and I'll find the information for you.
Looking forward to scheduling a regular meeting sometime in the future.  If you would like our club to explore some on-line meetings, and you would attend, feel free to email me your thoughts.
-Joel Vincent
president 2019-2020
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