Our club, like the rest of the world, continues to plod through the new and unknown world of COVID-19.  There is opportunity and we are working to find ways to get our club to a new place that functions better than it used to.
This Week
Club Assembly - lead by the all new and improved: El Presidente, Wayne Lowry!
Last Week
Club Awards, and officer induction
Club Service Award
Kathy Preddy
This award goes to a Rotary Club of Harlingen member who distinguishes themselves through activities that help make the club function successfully. This includes Kathy's work on various accounting, Rotary district, fund-raising, reporting, public relations, newsletter, program speakers, member’s socials, membership, and constant coaching for Joel and his year as President.
Vocational Service Award
Dr. Stephen Robinson
Rotary’s emphasis on Vocational and Public Service has its roots in the founding of the organization. Since the founding of Rotary in 1905, Rotarians have always stressed high business ethics. Rotary Clubs and their members are charged to conduct their business and professional affairs in accordance with Rotary principles of high ethical standards, recognizing the worthiness of all useful occupations and the obligation to contribute one’s talents to the problems and needs of society.
The purpose of the Vocational Service Award is to recognize someone in the business community who adheres to the highest ethical standard in their work, including the fair treatment of employers, employees, associates, competitors and the public; and, contributes their talents to the problems and needs of the community
Bill Card Community Service
Ed Sokolosky
This award was given to a Harlingen citizen who distinguishes themselves within the community for their efforts to improve the lives of others. Besides being an example to others through their actions, they may actively: promote volunteers among colleagues or employees; lead or mentor youth; get others involved in community service activities or sponsorships; and, promote the principles of “service to others” within the community.  Ed is an amazing example of the "Bill Card Community Service"!
International Service Award
Jim Teeter
This award was given to a Rotary Club of Harlingen member who distinguishes themselves through active participation in club activities which advance international understanding, goodwill, and peace by getting acquainted with people of other countries, their cultures, customs, accomplishments, aspirations, problems… through personal contacts, travel, and attendance at conventions, through reading and correspondence, and through cooperation in all Club activities and projects… including those of The Rotary Foundation… that will help people in other lands.  Jim's service in Rotary Youth Exchange over the years has provided the club, and the district, tremendous exposure in many nations across the world.
The Ray Cocozza “Service Above Self” Award
Randy Bell
This award was given to a Rotary Club of Harlingen member who lives the motto “Service Above Self” in daily life and in the community. The award is meant to recognize unsung heroes who quietly go about each day, doing what is right and leading with integrity, as they work to make our community a better place to live.
The purpose of the award is to recognize someone who best exemplifies “Service Above Self” by participating in the “Four Avenues of Service” and the “Five levels of Compassion (Love, Empathy, Understanding, Gratitude of All Things, Giving Selflessly of Oneself for the Happiness of All Beings)” in all they do.  Randy has shown numerous examples of Service Above Self, but especially in his hosting of our exchange student Andrea Costanzi.
The New Comer Award
Febe Zepeda
This award went to a new member of the Rotary Club of Harlingen who has shown an uncommon level of enthusiasm and help with our club.  Helping in many different places, visible and invisible, helping the club to run smoothly and/or grow in different ways.
DG Bartnesky
Saturday, June 27th our own Eddie Bartnesky was inducted as the D5930 governor!  Congratulations Eddie
Meeting Info
We will meet via Zoom.  In section below you can find the meeting information, which remains the same from week to week.
An email out with the same details  will be sent out Friday at 11:00AM
Other News
The Harlingen Public Library is not hosting any private events at all, until early July/August, or who knows when.
We are considering other options for face-to-face meetings, while remaining flexible to the quickly changing COVID-19 pandemic issues, and guidance from our local, state and national leaders.